Sincerely Yours
Sri R.K. Pegu, Principal

Dear Students,
I extend my warm welcome to all of you at the beginning of this New Academic Session. Your aspirations will obviously be saturated as you sojourn your journey to the world of Higher Education. What we believe is a true spirit, a zeal for better learning and hard work that may promise you better....

The College Moto

The college is aware that it must do its bit to remain temporarily relevant keeping pace with the changing time at the backdrop of Globalisation. Steps are being taken to introduce complimentary career-oriented courses to help the students to face the increasing challenges and competitive job markets. It is felt that in the context of the present time, the college can no longer remain cloistered in academic institution but has to reach out to the community and a number of extension activities have been taken up accordingly. The aim of the college is to produce batches of students that are, not only, educated in the real sense of the term but also socially conscious human beings who understand the worth of human value, compassion and generosity.. The vision of the college is spelt out in the motto of the college - “ENTER HERE TO GROW IN STATURE, BE A COMPLETE WOMAN AND SERVE MANKIND”.
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